Labour Standards Policy

SCOPE: Healthcare products supplied within NHS Framework Agreements

On the 16h February 2015 the Company was awarded level 2 accreditation against the NHS Supply Chain Labour Standard Assurance System

Cromptons Healthcare is committed to upholding an ethical labour policy which is appropriate in nature and scale to the Organisation and in-line with its legal and moral obligations as defined by relevant law and International convention.  The standards are not only maintained within the Organisation, but are sought from Suppliers within the Organisation's supply chain.  The standards expected not only apply to those who are directly employed within the supply chain but also to members of the public, stakeholders and interested parties who have an indirect involvement within the supply chain.  

These ethical standards cover:

1)    Child labour
2)    Forced or compulsory labour
3)    Freedom of association and right to collective bargaining
4)    Discrimination
5)    Health and Safety
6)    Working hours
7)    Remuneration

To achieve this we continually assess and monitor our own performance and process controls and also those of our trading partners.   Through this monitoring approach we aim to ensure that our standards are continuously improving.  

The Organisation commits to making available sufficient resources for the implementation  of this policy as appropriate to the nature and scale of its operations.

The requirements detailed in this document must be sensitive to the rights and livelihoods of the workers it is aiming to protect.

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